I Can Bucket Is helping the earth meet its sustainability goals

Make Green Decisions Today

When You purchase an I Can Bucket, you receive a rugged, multifaceted, and durable bucket. But more than that, you receive an environmentally friendly bucket made from reclaimed plastics.

Claiming Ocean Waste

It’s no secret that plastic waste in the ocean is a big problem in need of addressing. That’s why we partner with the Polyethlene Containers Inc, a one-of-a-kind plastic provider that consistently removes and reuses tons of ocean waste and leverages innovative recycling technology to make our buckets from recycled materials.

Leveraging Novel Recycling Technology

Created with co-injection Technology, the I Can Bucket is made with cutting-edge injection molding. This results in an exceptionally sturdy and durable BPA-free bucket made with approximately 50% of recycled plastic.

Shortening Distances

Our products are 100% made in the USA so that quality is guaranteed.
It also means that the shipping routes for the ICan buckets are notably shorter and have smaller carbon footprint than the distance between other products coming from overseas.

Our impact on the environment is what makes I Can Bucket a great company.